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Mouth-watering food wonderfully presented at this great cafe we found.
Don't you love finding places that speak directly to your heart?

During the weekend I went op-shopping (thrift shopping, for those not from Down Under!) with one of my good friends. And we had a blast! We did a little bit of a shop round, were really honest about fitting and collectively decided to only get pieces that were perfection. And gladly, we did find those! Days like those are bliss. I will soon show you my new wardrobe acquisitions.

However, after our eco-shopping spree, we directed ourselves to a nice place to proceed and have a coffee&chat session. And we found this little city gem.

Blackboard, colorful chalk, cafe, Toowoomba, indie cafe, graffiti walls

These guys were just so nice! They are those kind of people you just want to be friends with... yeah, you know what I'm talking about!

We talked quite a long time about all things creative, but we couldn't stop ourselves from frequently mentioning how nice the place was! It's so inspiring and homy. The staff were so funny and friendly, and the food was unbeatable. We had a soy chai latte and a hot chocolate and we also shared this (ohmygoodnesssofreaking) delicious brownie. This chocolaty gift of heaven left us speechless.

Brownie, illustrated, illustration

Soy chai latte, graffiti walls cafe, cafe Toowoomba
And even though we were a bit late to come into this bandwagon, as it seems that it's a popular cafe right now, we were happy to be enjoying this little moment in life. Why don't you join in? You can befriend the Ground Up guys on Facebook right here.

tartan blouse, striped shirt, mixed prints, Punk trend 2013, Punk fashion, graffiti walls cafe
Tartan blouse - Cotton On | Striped shirt - Cotton on | Leggings | Necklace - vintage
 For such a chilled day, I was wearing my new tartan blouse (hello, punk trend!), mixed with a super-comfortable striped shirt. I don't usually mix prints, but I thought I should give it a try!

Tartan shirt, mixed prints, tartan and stripes, striped shirt, graffiti cafe
Me and ma panela.

Why don't you tell me about your favourite cafe?

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