About a month ago I arrived to my Australian home from a rather long period spent in Spain. I had saved up money for expenses during my time there. In my mind, those expenses would include mainly travelling, food and outings.

Now looking back, I have to admit that... yes, I did travel, and eat and go out. But mostly, I did a lot of shopping. And by shopping, I mean looting all the Zara shops I encountered. I would always use the excuse "but I can't buy Zara back home!" And yep, I could always convince myself with that.

There is just something about Zara. For me, it's a mixture between quality, detail, signature and affordability that you can't quite understand, until you find that special piece that stands out, and place it into your hands. And as the great Garance (from Garance Doré) puts it, when you find The Piece, you know that you are right in front of one of the pieces that Zara created exactly for this reason. So just buy it and don't look back.

And here I present one of my Zara pieces that I instantly fell in love with. My black jumper, with white stripes and a buttoned back.

Spring is almost here, but I pretend it's still cold enough to wear my beloved coats and jumpers. I hope you don't mind.

Jumper - Zara | Silver Rings | Shoes - Mallorquinas | Leggings | black/orange Bag

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  1. I remember my first time to Europe. In every city that I went to, I found myself wandering into Zara, trying on the same, and new things, adding new purchases to my bag everywhere I went. Zara is so addictive isn't it? I've definitely curbed it back now!

  2. I hear ya, Jamie-Lee! I actually grew up in Spain, but the funny thing is that I've only been able to appreciate the brand now that I'm older and not able to purchase it so easily.
    Thanks for popping in :)