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I guess the first post to christen a new blog is the most awkward to write and/or read. So let's do as painless as possible.

I've been reading blogs for the last 6 years, and so they've played an important part in my life. I'd been motivated to start my own for a long time, but, I guess every time I would try, I'd realise that putting yourself out there is harder than it seems.

Another thing I should explain is that my long-term memory is rather terrible. A few months ago I had a chat with my dad. I was just trying to explain (again) to him that I couldn't remember much from when I was little, and then he said something that left me shaken up.

"The beauty about life is being able to relive it as many times as you'd like just with your memories. It'd be really sad just to live it once"

The irony is that I haven't been able to forget that.
What he said eventually brought be back to the idea of having a blog. A place to be used as a visual diary. A medium to express thoughts, ideas, inspiration and memories. A home with open doors, where I can capture who I am at a specific moment in time. A moment I'll be able to relive.

So here I am.

My name is Ana Allan and I'm a journalism and film graduate living in Australia. I love expressing myself with fashion, analysing films, discovering inspiring music, hoarding pretty pictures, travelling, illustrating, clouds, God, and earl grey tea.

Let's enjoy the ride together.

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  1. have fun with your blog! I think the best part of my blog is that it'll be great to look back on when I'm old and wrinkled :)

    ordaining serendipity

  2. Thankyou, Charlotte!
    I think the main thing is to have fun with blogging!
    And yours looks fun and personal. So it will be a good read for you when you look back!