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Happy November!

Oh, how time flies! I almost forgot that it is time to share my monthly thankfulness!
It's been a colourful month, full of ups and downs, and sometimes you are only able to see things from your struggles, and you don't really see change. But looking back and realising how many good things  you've got and all you've achieved puts you really into perspective! So, I find this is a good exercise!

This month I am thankful for...

Last Christmas I was given this Sony e-reader, which I was very excited about! It was a good start for my new year's resolution of reading classic novels. But some time after that, while I was overseas, it stopped working. At the beginning of this month, now that I was back home, I took it the the store again to get it fixed, and only a week after... I got a brand new one! Guarantees are such a blessing. And so, I'm back again, reading my days away, and immersing myself into wonderful novelistic worlds.

I love technology, I love knowing what's next and love watching Sci-Fi stuff to see imaginative technology put into action. But sometimes it scares me to see how much our society relies on it, and how much time we spend using it. I have been thinking about this for the past few months, and have come to the conclusion that it depends on what use you make of it. During all my travels, especially in the most extreme moments, such as missing my plane, needing to book hotels in an instant, getting lost, emergency calls...) I realise technology is something to be really thankful for!

Since they started popping up around tumblr, I've been obsessed with macaroons. You know, those tiny, colourful, heavenly French pastries.
At the start of the year I could actually go to one of the most famous places in Paris for their macaroons, Laduree, and since then I could only dream about eating them again. BUT, luckily, I've started to see them, more and more, at many cafes! Last month I got to try caramel, cinnamon and the delicious earl-gray flavoured macaroons! So good!

How good is to find things that make you smile like this while wandering around the streets?

What are you thankful for today? Make my day and write down below!

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