Such a merry little wrapped present! (source)

I might be one of the first ones to talk about this but… CHRISTMAS IS COMING! (cue the sleigh bells ringing.)

I usually find it really hard to get into the Christmas mood here in Australia –growing up in Spain, Christmas was always a time to wrap your body up with knitted layers, drinking hot drinks all day long, eating chocolate nougat and hopelessly staring at the sky for snow to come down. But here… most people are talking about beaches and ice creams.

This week we've started to play Christmas music at my workplace, which got me a bit on edge. If you've ever worked at retail during this season, you understand my pain –too much cake, however delicious, makes you sick, right? And too much Christmas music usually makes you go slowly insane, pull your hair out, and have nightmares in which you're trapped in a looping scene singing Jingle Bells along with a bunch of reindeers.

However, here I find myself again, excitedly making my 2013 Christmas playlist, and planning how I will decorate the house to make it the best holiday ever! Let's see how long this lasts before I go crazy.

Here are some neat ideas I found for a Summer Christmas!




And here's a little help if you still haven't got into the mood! This Christmas music playlist by Anthropology will be like opening a jar full of soft marshmallows to your ears.

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  1. Me encanta! I love it! But didn't realize it was you! Cuando ví el paquetito blanco con los lunares rojos, me llamó inmediatamente la atención...Feliz Navidad!!

  2. Nice, Ana! I put off thinking about Christmas until after Thanksgiving. Not that it gets celebrated around here, of course. We usually invite someone and make a dinner on the following weekend. ¡Besos!

  3. Hi Sharon, thankyou for your lovely message!
    I started decorating today already… we've never celebrated Thanksgiving here but I'm sure your dinner will be superb. Maybe one day I'll make it there :)